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The EcoMedia Advantage

Unlike newspapers, TV and billboards, we can place your message in either very broad, or very specific, geographic locations throughout our markets. Our rates are simply unmatched as illustrated in the chart below.

Newspaper Weekend Full Page
$72,000 1 Day
Radio Weekday Radio
$245 30 sec.
Poster 4 Weeks Street Level/
$100 - $250* 24/7 4 weeks

*price range for our different markets

Creative Media

  • Want to make an impact?
  • Results Orientated?
  • Desire Street Level Dominance?

At EcoMedia, we work to accommodate your advertising needs. Our team of professionals will provide you with solutions that will meet, even exceed, your Out-of-Home requirements in order to deliver the most effective message on the street. While we work to provide you with the best possible advertising treatments, we also work to meet your budget. We pride ourselves on being a full-service supplier with the ability to take your project from inception to environmentally-friendly post-campaign, ad materials disposal.

When you choose EcoMedia as your advertising medium, you deliver effective, impactful product, service and brand messages to the streets. You also make a statement that you are an environmentally-responsible company using its advertising dollars to support Public Space Recycling efforts in the city.

Full Service

Our sales and operations teams are experienced in all aspects to cover your needs from initial concept to production. Our service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Detailed Project proposals
  • Project management
  • Graphic Design and Consulting
  • Print material selection
  • Print Production

Production Requirements

Acceptable Graphic Design File Formats

  • A SCREEN RESOLUTION PDF or Low Resolution PDF file

Please note that other formats are not acceptable, including: jpeg, gif, qxd, photoshop, etc.

Artwork quality must be at least 100 dpi at full size (60" x 30").

Non-acceptable file formats are: Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Powerpoint (.ppt), CorelDraw (.cdr), Publisher (.pub, .pict, .bmp, .png, .exe) AutoCad (.cad), or any other files not listed.

Graphic Design File Submission

Please submit the SCREEN RESOLUTION PDF or (Low Resolution PDF) of the artwork to EcoMedia by e-mail to

Artwork in the VECTOR BASED EPS or the HIGH RESOLUTION PDF can be uploaded to the EcoMedia website:

Using this information:

Username: ftpuser
Password: @ftpuser


In the event that your artwork has not been completed and/or submitted and production of posters has not been completed before the start date on your Media Contract, you will still be responsible for paying for the location(s) that you have contracted to advertise on. Artwork must be completed and/or submitted to EcoMedia 7 business days prior to the start of your Media campaign in order to ensure on time delivery of your outdoor advertising support materials.

If you have any questions regarding specification requirements, please contact our Toll Free at 1-800-661-6088.

Print Layout Specifications:

TRIM SIZE:60"W x 30"H (Landscape)
LIVE AREA:59"W x 29"H
TYPE AREA:58"W x 28"H

Number of Revisions on the Design

Maximum number of revisions to the artwork is 2. After that, there is a charge of $40 for each additional revision.

Additional Cost:Picture cropping is $100.

Property Rights


  • If EcoMedia provided the artwork services for FREE, EcoMedia owns the design.
  • If the Client paid for the artwork services, the Client owns the design. The final artwork will be released to the Client and EcoMedia will keep a copy in its repository. Please note there will be a $50 recovery fee for designs that were placed in EcoMedia repository.

Poster Production

  • Posters are recycled at the end of the campaign.

Advertising Sample

In case you have a Pantone color number, please let us know. If you missed providing that number, we will print the posters regardless of pantone color.

Silverbox Artwork Specifications in PDF format

A copy of the artwork specifications can be downloaded from here

Customer Supplied Posters

TRIM SIZE:60"W x 30"H (Landscape)
LIVE AREA:59"W x 29"H
TYPE AREA:58"W x 28"H

Please keep all type within the "type safety" area.

Use only UV resistance lnks.

Printing Specs

  • Print Substrate Material: 20 point white polystyrene
  • Print Output: 100 dpi @ final output size, CMYK
  • Back up posters: 15% overage required

Note: EcoMedia reserves the right to refuse posters not printed on the correct substrate.

Please ship Printed Posters to:

EcoMedia Direct Incorporated
2402 Stouffville Road PO Box 245
Gormley, ON
L0H 1G0
ATTENTION: Production

*Important Delivery Terms
   - Client is responsible for all shipping charges
   - Posters to be received no later than 5 business days prior to installation date to ensure posting by campaign start date.


If you have any questions regarding specification requirements, please contact at 1(800) 661-6088 ext. 323

Silverbox Artwork Specifications in PDF format

A copy of the customer supplied posters specifications can be downloaded from  here